TEGEL - Science

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Stereoklang Produktion proudly announces the world premiere of ‘Science’,  a new minimal techno album by TEGEL

As a special bonus one of the tracks features a remix by none other than Electric Indigo. The newly formed act, TEGEL, has been described as “painfully talented” in their approach to electronic music.

With heavy minimal techno beats, captivating bass rhythms, and ambient soundscapes – inspired by the urban underground society, TEGEL delivers dark techno tracks with scientific precision. This is the role of the anonymous operators behind TEGEL – to colorize the hidden emotions and aspirations of the masses of mega-societies across the globe. On the new album, Science, TEGEL incorporates the aspect of the different forces in nature that, at the end of the day, shape our daily lives. In essence, just like the waveforms generated by industry and machines, the force fields that surround us are also integral parts of the inter-twined fabric we all share. Even the Universe has a voice, one that was captured by LIGO* and re-used by TEGEL as a tribute to the forces that, just like music, defines human life as we know it.

Track listing:
Science (Live from AltFest)
Radio (Electric Indigo Remix)

All tracks written and produced by TEGEL. Mix and mastering by Stereoklang STHLM
Photos by Ola Larsén, Petter Duvander and Allan Bank
All tracks recorded in Malmö, Sweden, except Science (Live recording from AltFest, 2016 by Stereoklang STHLM)
Remix of Radio: Mixed and produced by Electric Indigo (
Artwork: Ola Larsén / Johan Wejedal
Release: SP005